Diamond Sinkers most commonly asked questions

1. Q: Will Diamond Sinkers eventually end up getting scratched to the point they are no longer clear.

    A: No.  As illustrated in our review page, even if you rubbed a hook sharpener over the top of Diamond Sinkers,                    the moment they get wet the scratches will disappear.

2. Q: Are Diamond Sinkers as dense as Lead?

    A: Certainly we can make Diamond Sinkers denser then lead, but the cost is very high.  What we have tried to do is                get an equal balance between Density and price.  Currently Diamond Sinkers are twice as dense as previous                    models, making them slightly bigger than lead.

3. Q: Will Diamond Sinkers reflect sunlight?

     A: All Diamond Sinkers have been treated with an anti glare coating to help prevent this from happening.

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